[Numpy-discussion] int16 or int32 for C int ?

Jochen Küpper jochen at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Mon Jun 27 02:29:15 EDT 2005

Nicolas Pernetty <nicopernetty at yahoo.fr> writes:

>> On the platforms we test on at least,  int == Int32.  This is even
>> true for the 64-bit platforms I've seen.

Didn't some Crays have 64bit ints? They definitely had 64bit float and
128bit double.

> Ok so If I want to make a really multiplatforms program, I should type :
> int a[10][20];
> if (sizeof(**a)==4)
>     x = NA_NewArray(a, tInt32, 2, 10, 20);
> else
>     x = NA_NewArray(a, tInt16, 2, 10, 20);

Maybe you should right away include a test for 8byte as well.

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