[Numpy-discussion] Gaussian fits? Sum of Gaussians?

Christian Meesters cmeesters at ucdavis.edu
Mon Mar 7 00:10:18 EST 2005


I was wondering whether there are scripts or modules around which can calculate, on a given 
1D-Numarray or Numeric array, a sum of Gaussians? E.g. something like: x = 
sumofgaussians(input_array[, other_parameters]) where x would contain a list of arrays 
representing Gaussian curves, which, when added together, would result in (a good 
approximation of) the input_array. It would be nice, of course, if information like the 
standarddeviation and peak height would be associated with that data.

Perhaps I am hoping for too much, but in this case you guys at least had a good laugh when 
reading these lines ;-) - and I'd had to write something myself or find it in other software ...

Thanks a lot in advance,

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