[Numpy-discussion] Announcement: PyMatrix-0.0.1a Released

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 8 14:59:09 EST 2005

PyMatrix is a package to provide access to the functionality of matrix 

This package is currently based on numarray.  It includes a statistics 
module which includes a basic analysis of variance.

In the future it is hoped to enhance the generality of the divide 
operation, to add the transcendental functions as methods of the matrix 
class and to improve the documentation.  The expectation is that 
Numeric3 will eventually replace numarray and that this will necessitate 
some changes to PyMatrix

Downloads in the form of a Windows Installer (Inno) and a zip file are 
available at:


An /Introduction to PyMatrix/ is available:


Information on the functions and methods of the matrix module is given at:


Colin W.

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