[Numpy-discussion] Re: Future directions for SciPy in light of meeting at Berkeley

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 10 13:02:34 EST 2005

Travis Oliphant <oliphant at ee.byu.edu> writes:

> 2) Installation problems -- I'm not completely clear on what the 
> "installation problems" really are.  I hear people talk about them, but 
> Pearu has made significant strides to improve installation, so I'm not 
> sure what precise issues remain.  Yes, installing ATLAS can be a pain, 
> but scipy doesn't require it.  Yes, fortran support can be a pain, but 
> if you use g77 then it isn't a big deal.    The reality, though, is that 
> there is this perception of installation trouble and it must be based on 
> something.   Let's find out what it is.  Please speak up users of the 
> world!!!!

While I am not a scientific user, I occasionally have a need for
something like stats, linear algebra, or other such functions. I'm
happy to install something (I'm using Python on Windows, so when I
say "install", I mean "download and run a binary installer") but I'm
a casual user, so I am not going to go to too much trouble.

First problem - no scipy Windows binaries for Python 2.4. I'm not
going to downgrade my Python installation for the sake of scipy.

Even assuming there were such binaries, I can't tell from the
installer page whether I need to have Numeric, or is it included.
Assuming I need to install it, the binaries say Numeric 23.5, with
23.1 available. But the latest Numeric is 23.8, and only 23.8 and
23.7 have Python 2.4 compatible Windows binaries. Stuck again.

As for the PIII/P4SSE2 binaries, I don't know which of those I'd
need, but that's OK, I'd go for "Generic", on the basis that speed
isn't relevant to me...

There's no way on Windows that I'd even consider building scipy from
source - my need for it simply isn't sufficient to justify the cost.

As I say, this is from someone who is clearly not in the target
audience of scipy, but maybe it is of use...

A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation -- Saki

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