[Numpy-discussion] A pray from an end user of numeric python.

Daehyok Shin sdhyok at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 12:46:19 EST 2005

As an end user for Numeric and then numarray, recently I was quite
frustrated by the move for Numeric3. Shortly after I became familiar
with Numeric several years ago, I jumped to numarray mainly because of
its more flexible indexing scheme. And after quite investment to learn
the new package, recently I heard a distant echo that a new library
called Numeric3 will replace Numeric sooner or later, and then I see a
lot of discussion to discuss about better design of the new package in
this mailing list. Because I think some feedbacks from end users are
needed in the discussion, I dare to send this email, in spite of my
meager knowledge about programming.
To gods in numeric programming of Python, I want to make clear one
basic fact. Like me, numerous scientific and engineering end users
using Python needs a SINGLE standard data model for numeric
operations. Even in the case that the data model has some defects in
its design, many end users may not care about them, if many numeric
packages using the data model are available. In this aspect, in my
opinion, the replacement of current standard array types in Python
must gain the top priority.

How about building a very small array package with only MINIMUM set of
functions first? We can think the functions of current array type in
the standard Python library may define what is the minimal functions.
All advanced mathematical or other functions may be added later as
separate packages.

So, I pray to gods in numeric programming of Python. Please give us a
single numeric array model. Please save a flock of sheep like me from
wondering around Numeric, numarray, Numeric3, or maybe in future
Numeric4, 5, 6 …. Hopefully, this pray will get some attention.

Thanks for reading this humble email.

Daehyok Shin (Peter)
Geography Department
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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