[Numpy-discussion] Status of numeric3 / scipylite / scipy_core

Paul Barrett barrett at stsci.edu
Fri Mar 18 07:10:29 EST 2005

Perry Greenfield wrote:

> Before I delve too deeply into what you are suggesting (or asking), 
> has the idea to have a slice be equivalent to an index array been 
> changed. For example, I recall seeing (I forget where), the suggestion 
> that
> X[:,ind] is the same as X[arange(X.shape[0]), ind]
> The following seems to be at odds with this. The confusion of mixing 
> slices with index arrays led me to just not deal with them in 
> numarray. I thought index arrays were getting complicated enough. I 
> suppose it may be useful, but I would be good to give some motivating, 
> realistic examples of why they are useful. For example, I can think of 
> lots of motivating examples for:
> using more than one index array (e.g., X[ind1, ind2])
> allowing index arrays to have arbitrary shape
> allowing partial indexing with index arrays

Can you give a few then?  Say one or two for each of the three scenarios.

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