[Numpy-discussion] Re: Bytes Object and Metadata

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Wed Mar 30 02:45:00 EST 2005

A Dimarts 29 Març 2005 01:59, Travis Oliphant va escriure:
> My proposal:
> __array_data__  (optional object that exposes the PyBuffer protocol or a
> sequence object, if not present, the object itself is used).
> __array_shape__ (required tuple of int/longs that gives the shape of the
> array)
> __array_strides__ (optional provides how to step through the memory in
> bytes (or bits if a bit-array), default is C-contiguous)
> __array_typestr__ (optional struct-like string showing the type ---
> optional endianness indicater + Numeric3 typechars, default is 'V')
> __array_itemsize__ (required if above is 'S', 'U', or 'V')
> __array_offset__ (optional offset to start of buffer, defaults to 0)

Considering that heterogenous data is to be suported as well, and
there is some tradition of assigning names to the different fields, I
wonder if it would not be good to add something like:

__array_names__ (optional comma-separated names for record fields)


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