[Numpy-discussion] Re: [SciPy-user] Current thoughts on future directions

konrad.hinsen at laposte.net konrad.hinsen at laposte.net
Thu Mar 10 01:09:20 EST 2005

On 10.03.2005, at 09:49, Pearu Peterson wrote:

> f2py is not a fortran-only tool. In scipy it has been used to wrap  
> also C codes (fft, atlas) and imho f2py should be used more so  
> whenever possible.

Good to know. I never looked at f2py because I don't use Fortran any  

> Hmm, what would be the default underlying fft library here? Currently  
> in scipy it is Fortran fftpack. And when fftw is available, it is used  
> instead.

How about an f2c version of FFTPACK? Plus keeping the option of using  
fftw if installed, of course.

> Again, what would be the underlying linear algebra library here?
> Numeric uses f2c version of lite lapack library. Shall we do the same  
> but wrapping the c codes with f2py rather than by hand? f2c might be  
> useful

I like the idea of the f2c versions because they can easily be replaced  
by the original Fortran code for more speed. It might even be a good to  
have scipy_core include the Fortran version as well and use it  
optionally during installation.

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