[Numpy-discussion] The first try on Numeric3.

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Sun Mar 20 22:07:07 EST 2005

Daehyok Shin wrote:

>Dear Travis.
>I found no problem in installing Numeric3 and running tests in Mandrake 10.1.
>Good job.
>One question I have.
>I found you does not use UnitTest for test files.
>Will you change all tests eventually using UnitTest?
>If so, I think I can contribute something
>because I got some experience for it.
>For test files, please let me know what kind of supports you need.
Absolutely, there will be UnitTests (scipy has them now) and it's what 
I'm used to,  I just have not worried about them yet.

Thank you for your comments.   The only reason I have named it Numeric3 
is so that I can continue using Numeric on my system until Numeric3 is 
ready to replace it and because I chose that as the name for the CVS 
project --- it really is a branch of Numeric, though.  I just didn't 
want to learn how to use CVS branching...  When it is nearing 
completion, it will go into scipy_core.

I'm pretty sure, you will be able to say import Numeric when done.


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