[Numpy-discussion] Re: Bytes Object and Metadata

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Mar 28 16:07:08 EST 2005

Scott Gilbert wrote:

>  __array_itemtype__
>       Suggested, but Optional if __array_itemsize__ is present.
>       This attribute probably warrants some discussion...
>       A struct module format string or one of the additional ones
>       that needs to be added.  Need to discuss "long double" and
>       "Object".  (Capital 'O' for Object, Captial 'D' for long double,
>       Capital 'X' for bit?)
>       If not present or the empty string '', indicates that the
>       array elements can only be treated as blobs and the real
>       data representation must be gotten from some other means.
>       I think doubling the typecode as a convention to denote complex
>       numbers makes some sense (for instance 'ff' is complex float).
>       The struct module convention for denoting native, portable
>       big endian, and portable little endian is concise and documented.
After more thought,  I think here we need to also allow the "c-type" 
independent way of describing an array (i.e. numarray-introduced 'c4' 
for a complex-valued 4 byte itemsize array).     So,  pehaps 
__array_ctypestr_  and __array_typestr__ should be two ways to get the 
information (or overload the __array_typestr__ interface and reequire 
consumers to accept either style).


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