[Numpy-discussion] Linear programming

Magnus Lie Hetland magnus at hetland.org
Tue Mar 29 13:15:19 EST 2005

Robert Kern <rkern at ucsd.edu>:
> Magnus Lie Hetland wrote:
> >Is there some standard Python (i.e., numarray/Numeric) mapping for
> >some linear programming package out there? Might be rather useful...
> My Google-fu does not reveal an obvious one.

Neither did mine ;)

I did find pysimplex, though... But that's not really what I'm after,
I guess.

> There does seem to be a recent one in which the authors wrote their own 
> matrix object!

Oh, no! 8-|

Hm. Maybe this is a use-case for the new buffer stuff? Exposing the
bytes of their arrays shouldn't be so hard... Easier than introducing
numpy arrays of some sort, I should think ;)

> http://www.ee.ucla.edu/~vandenbe/cvxopt/

Hm. They support sparse matrices too. Interesting.

Thanks for the tip!

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