[Numpy-discussion] How to install SciPy Core

Shu Li shulee at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 12:17:27 EST 2005

 I am a little confused about how to install SciPy Core. I am new to SciPy
so I think starting with the new core is a good idea. When I installed the
core package first and then scipy, in the process of installing scipy, it
showed it also installed a lot of stuff to the core directory which made me
worry that part of the new core is overwritten by old core. And when I
installed scipy first, then some words on the web saying some "__init__.py"
file will "break the scipy" certainly worried me because I don't know what
the break here means and why people are not fixing it if it is avoidable.
 Also even when new core(0.4.2 beta) is installed the scipy still complained
not seeing "Numeric", which added to the confusion. Could anybody offer some
explanation? Thanks a lot!

Sam (AKA Shu Li)
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