[Numpy-discussion] Writing/reading a numeric array to a file

Niklas Volbers Mithrandir42 at web.de
Thu Nov 10 04:35:10 EST 2005

First of all, thanks for your answers.

Travis Oliphant <oliphant at ee.byu.edu> schrieb am 09.11.05 20:23:16:

> What unneeded functionality is there.  SciPy Core is just a Numeric 
> replacement.  It does not NEED Atlas, it just uses it if you have it --- 
> exactly the same as Numeric and numarray. 
> It is a misconception to say scipy core needs any thing else but Python 
> installed.   So, let's not let that rumor kill convergence to a single 
> package.

I am sorry for this faulty assumption of mine which you have now clarified.

I had assumed that ATLAS was needed, just because scipy_core would 
not build on my system w/o a prior install of these libraries.  

With the knowledge, that it _should_ work, I have just retried to build 
scipy_core 0.4.2 on my rather fresh installation of Slackware Linux 
10.2 (python 2.4.1) and still couldn't get it to build.  I have
attached the log files out.txt and err.txt to this e-mail, which I got
by typing

$ python setup.py build 1>out.txt 2>err.txt

in the scipy_core main directory.  The two files are compressed into a
single tar.gz archive (5k), because I do not know if 60k attachments are 
o.k. on this list.

Maybe you can help me solve my problem?

> > (4) What solutions do you use to save/load data to files?
> SciPy core arrays have tofile methods and a fromfile function.  They are 
> raw reading and writing --- nothing fancy.   You need to use Pickling if 
> you want to recognize endian-ness among platforms.  What is your 
> opposition to Pickling?

>From how I understood pickling, it converts the python objects to a binary
representation.  What I want is a data representation that is independent
of python.  Anyway, I now have a few possibilities to explore besides
netcdf (with the alternative file formats FITS and with pytables, i.e. HDF5,
 proposed here).

> I think you should take a look at PyTables for more elegant solutions.

I wasn't sure if it will stay compatible to scipy_core, because right now it
uses numarray.  But from what you said I am sure that eventually pytables
might also switch to scipy_core.

Best regards, and thanks for your efforts,


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