[Numpy-discussion] OT: Enthought IT Admin Job Posting

Travis N. Vaught travis at enthought.com
Mon Nov 21 06:46:01 EST 2005


I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone that is passionate about 
python/numeric/scipy will "answer the call":

`Enthought, Inc. <http://www.enthought.com>`__ (Austin, TX, USA)

**Job Description**:

Position: IT Administrator

Enthought is looking for an exceptional IT Administrator to manage the 
IT infrastructure for it's Austin, TX offices. This person will have a 
passion for supporting software development tools and environments. The 
target server platforms include Linux (RedHat and Fedora), Windows XP, 
and Solaris. Workstations are a mix of Windows and Linux. We're looking 
for an Admin that focuses on supporting software developers.

Desired Skills and Capabilities:

* B.S. in Computer Science of other related field (preferably not MIS)
* 5+ Years Experience in Enterprise IT Administration Role
* Ability to program or script in a programming language or shell - 
(Python, Perl and small C programs)
* Ability to solve problems quickly and completely
* Strong inter-personal and communication skills as well as a team 
player in a group of highly talented software developers
* Willingness to pitch in wherever needed
* Interested in making developer's lives easier


* Perform installation, patching and other server maintenance to ensure 
security and stability of server infrastructure.
* Maintain core infrastructure technologies such as Firewall, VPN, 
apache web server, mail server, NIS, NFS, DNS, DHCP, SSH, network-wide 
backups, RAID and Samba
* Identify routine tasks and automate through shell/Python scripting
* Perform on-call duties and out of hours maintenance as necessary
* Configure Nortel phone system
* Build RPMs for RH/FC Linux
* Using development tools on Linux such as gcc/g++, make, autoconf, etc.
* Working with Python and building & installing Python packages using 
* Support developer tools such as SVN repositories, bug trackers, 
Software Project Management utilities


Enthought is a scientific computing company located in downtown Austin, 
Texas. Founded in 2001, it has grown nearly 100% per year both in staff 
and revenue to become a stable and profitable technology company. This 
growth has been possible because of Enthought’s talented team and 
because of our commitment to developing quality software. We strive to 
combine advanced algorithm development with modern software practices, 
such as component based architectures, application scripting, and 
intuitive user interface design. We take a holistic approach to software 
development, in which architects and developers team with technical 
writers, human factors specialists, and project managers (always highly 
technical individuals) to develop a complete solution for our customers.

Much of our work is based on the Python programming language, and we are 
actively engaged in open source development (www.scipy.org 
<http://www.scipy.org>). We’re lucky enough to work on interesting 
problems and are looking for talented people to join us. Some of our 
current efforts are in the areas of geophysics, electromagnetics, fluid 
dynamics, micro-rheology, CAD, 2-D and 3-D visualization, and others. 
All of these tools are developed as plug-ins into our Envisage 
"Scientific IDE" framework.

* **Contact**: Travis N. Vaught, CEO

* **E-mail contact**: jobs at enthought.com

* **Web**: http://www.enthought.com/careers.htm

Travis N. Vaught
Enthought, Inc.

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