[Numpy-discussion] Final release of Numeric is actually 24.1

khinsen at cea.fr khinsen at cea.fr
Tue Nov 8 00:12:57 EST 2005

On 08.11.2005, at 09:11, Francesc Altet wrote:

> Well, I would like to migrate PyTables to scipy.core in the medium  
> term.
> My plan to not bother the users is to start supporting scipy.base by
> using the array protocol. That means that, although numarray will  
> still

> I really think that the array protocol (that already is supported in
> latest Numeric and numarray, bar some small issues) is a Good Thing  
> (tm)
> to consider, specially for the developers.

True, but it doesn't solve my problem (I think). Users of my code  
don't see much of an array interface, it's hidden behind application- 
oriented abstraction layers. That also means that users don't care  
much if I use Numeric, numarray, or scipy.core, as long as there are  
no installation problems.

However, my code is necessarily tied to one specific array package  
because it creates all of its arrays. It also does lots of array  
operations that go beyond the array protocol. So I have lots of  
dependencies on the chosen array package in many different modules.

My problem is handling the transition period while I test scipy.core  
and while scipy.core stabilizes. I expect to make releases of my  
packages during that time, so I need to keep a code base that works  
with Numeric. Doing development on two code bases in parallel seems  
like asking for trouble.

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