[Numpy-discussion] Writing/reading a numeric array to a file

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Nov 10 05:04:02 EST 2005

A Dijous 10 Novembre 2005 13:34, Niklas Volbers va escriure:
> > I think you should take a look at PyTables for more elegant solutions.
> I wasn't sure if it will stay compatible to scipy_core, because right now
> it uses numarray.  But from what you said I am sure that eventually
> pytables might also switch to scipy_core.

Just to make things clear, PyTables uses numarray at its core, yes,
but it does support Numeric also by doing conversions in the fastest
way available (in fact, many people uses PyTables just for keeping
Numeric arrays, with good results). Still, a copy in memory is needed
for numarray-->Numeric conversions (not for the Numeric-->numarray
way), but that will change very soon, after the array protocol
implementation in numarray (and Numeric) stabilizes.

The next step will be to offer support for scipy.core by using the
array protocol as well. And finally, we plan (probably with the
introduction of PyTables 2) to switch from numarray to scipy.core when
the later would be stable enough, but always with support of the triad
of numarray, Numeric and scipy.core, at least for a few years.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that PyTables does require the HDF5
libraries [1], so, if what you want is to get rid of the maximum of
dependencies, PyTables might be effectively overkill for you.

[1] http://hdf.ncsa.uiuc.edu/HDF5/


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