[Numpy-discussion] Re: Purchasing Documentation

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Fri Oct 7 05:50:21 EDT 2005

Sorry for the tardy response. Transatlantic flights don't yet have
convenient internet service.

I've been meaning to put out a message of this sort soon anyway. This is few
days earlier than I was planning, but close enough.

Our basic position has been and continues to be that if scipy_core provides
all the capabilities that we need, we will switch to it. We have been
involved in installing it on the platforms we need it for (namely Solaris,
which has proven difficult to build on) and testing it (which is ongoing).
So far things look pretty promising and barring any unforseen problems, we
will likely begin porting recarray to it next week. As Travis has already
mentioned, the whole point of scipy_core was to unify the two existing
projects, not introduce a 3rd. I have been involved all along in design and
interface discussions with Travis on this

We will maintain numarray until the point at which we switch all of our code
to scipy_core (i.e., all libraries and applications that depend on it). This
may take several months for some (likely the most work is for C extensions
that use the numarray C-API). When this is complete (including testing), we
may support numarray for a while in the sense of answering questions, but it
would not likely see any more new releases after that point. We do not have
the resources to support two different numeric packages indefinitely. We
will report on our progress in this switchover (most likely our libraries
and applications will be set up to work with both in the interim).

While I appreciate the pain that this may cause those who have written
C-extensions for numarray, it's hard to deny that unification will bring
great benefits. It's as much pain for us as anyone. It should not be as
painful to port python code since scipy_core should support all
capabilities. But some changes will be needed since things are not always
done the same way (e.g., dtype for type).


Francesc Altet wrote:
> Exactly, I'm wondering the same questions. Provided that numarray is
> an excellent and mature piece of code, I'd like to hear a declaration
> of principles on that subject.
> Regards,
> A Dijous 06 Octubre 2005 01:55, Colin J. Williams va escriure:
> > Perry,
> >
> > It would be helpful if you gave some indication of your organization's
> > intention with respect to numarray.
> >
> > Will it be maintained, as in the past, fully in the public domain and
> > without charge for either the code or the API information needed to make
> > use of the code?
> >
> > New versions have been produced every few months, will this continue?
> >
> > Colin W.
> >

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