[Numpy-discussion] wrapping question

usr01873 at prolocation.net usr01873 at prolocation.net
Fri Oct 7 05:55:22 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm using the numarray package. I would like to use the numarray C API to
create a new array object and fill it with data without copying. Also, I
would like numarray to take care of freeing the data once the numarray
object is destructed. I've managed to find some related posts in the
mailing list archive, but it is really unclear which of these posts are
still accurate and what the current 'recommended' approach is. See:


Currently, I first create a new PyArrayObject that is large enough to hold
the data:
array = NA_vNewArray(NULL,__numarray_type,tmp_num_dims,tmp_dims);

then I pass array->data to a C function that reads the data from disk. Any
comments on this approach? Also, I was wondering if numarray frees the
data using this approach (because it also allocates the memory in the
first place within the NA_vNewArray function.)

Joris van Zwieten

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