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Jochen Küpper jochen at
Mon Oct 10 11:58:41 EDT 2005


following all this up and down I decide to write a short email for two

First of all I want to thank all developers of Numeric, numarray, and
the yet to fly scipy_core, esp. Perry/Todd and Travis. I hope that
this apparent joining of forces will really get Numeric Python a big
step ahead.

On the other hand I have personally stepped down from using Python for
larger numerical calculation projects, because it was too much of an
hassle to get sysops convinced to install it, and because overall the
hassles to follow releases, adopting code and explaining colleagues
was to big to make up for the ease of coding compared to C++. Yep,
there we are. I am REALLY looking forward to the day when I can start
a larger project in Python again. I wish and hope that you guys are
paving the road for me;) [1]

Using scipy_core I would also be happy to work on public
documentation, as that is where everybody using scipy_core can easily
contribute his share. Maybe it would be a nice team effort to get the
numarray Python-style documentation cut down and updated to a good and
current reference-manual, pretty much a nicer and cross-linked version
of the doc-strings, maybe with more of the examples that were
discussed here before. I am sure that Travis writes a good
user-manual, and, voila, both would be in the right place!

To all the guys actually doing the work: Thank you very much, nevertheless!

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