[Numpy-discussion] Error involving import_libnumarray in packaged program

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Tue Oct 11 09:13:15 EDT 2005

Russell E. Owen wrote:

>If I convert my python code to an application (Windows via py2exe or Mac 
>via bundlebuilder) it fails with the following error:
>Fatal Python error: Call to API function without first calling 
>import_libnumarray() in Src/_convmodule.c
This currently (1.3.3) happens when a numarray API function is called 
before the API is successfully initialized.   Although the message was 
intended as an aid to extension writers,  in this case numarray is 
failing to import altogether.     At one point numarray had a fatal 
error for import failures but I removed it at someone's request.  I've 
restored it because I think it's most commonly fatal anyway and removing 
the message just obfuscated the problem.   The non-fatal behavior is now 
in the _import_libnumarray() macro.

>I can force *all* of numarray into the application, which avoids the 
This is what you need to do.  It should be possible to factor out (or 
not explicitly list) numarray's Packages,  but core numarray is not 
meant to be distributed in pieces.  The many type-specific extensions 
were only added to work around a compiler problem,  not to lighten 
binary distributions.

>issue. But that is overkill. Is there some simpler way to solve this, 
Unfortunately,  I think it's just necessary to (a) include all of core 
numarray and (b) help out automated tools (which choke on circular 
dependencies) by explicitly listing numarray's core extensions.  


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