[Numpy-discussion] ma is in scipy_core

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Mon Oct 3 15:50:11 EDT 2005

Tim Churches wrote:
> Eric Firing wrote:
>>Paul, Tim,
>>Masked arrays *are* in scipy_core.
>>import scipy.base.ma as ma
> OK, thanks. In the absence of documentation, I just looked for an MA
> subdirectory, couldn't find one and assumed that it wasn't (yet) supported.
>>In addition, a quick look indicates that NaN-handling is in good shape.
> How about other IEEE special values?
> Tim C


It has inf:

 >>> import scipy.base as nx
 >>> nx.inf
 >>> nx.isposinf(nx.inf)
 >>> nx.isposinf(-nx.inf)
 >>> nx.isneginf(-nx.inf)

I don't know about signed floating point zero; I have never used such a 
beast, and am aware of it only because it is in numarray's ieeespecial 

See http://numeric.scipy.org/new_features.html; it includes:

Errors are handled through the IEEE floating point status flags and 
there is flexibility on a per function / module / builtin level for 
handling these errors.

I haven't looked into how this is done.


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