[Numpy-discussion] Dcoument strings for ndarray

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Oct 9 19:39:50 EDT 2005

Colin J. Williams wrote:

>     >>> import scipy.base.multiarray as M
>     >>> M.__class__
>    <type 'module'>
>     >>>
> I am surprised that this name points to a module.

<type 'module'> is NOT a module, it's the type
(or class) to which all modules belong. This is to
be expected if scipy.base.multiarray is itself a

The reason it says <type 'module'> and not
<class 'module'> is because it's a built-in type/class
rather than one defined in Python. But ever since the
type/class unification, there's very little difference
in meaning between the terms 'type' and 'class'.

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