[Numpy-discussion] Properties of fields in numpy

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Feb 6 16:09:02 EST 2006

Francesc Altet wrote:

>I don't specially like the 'void*' typecasting that are receiving the
>types in fields in situations like:
>In [143]:dtype = numpy.dtype([
>   .....:    ('x', '<i4', (2,)),
>   .....:    ('Info',[
>   .....:        ('name', '<U120'),
>   .....:        ('weight', '<f4')])])
>In [147]:dtype.fields['x'][0].name
>were you can see that we have lost the information about the native type
>of the 'x' field. Rather, I'd expect something like:
In SVN of numpy, the dtype objects now have a .base attribute and a 
.shape attribute.

The .shape attribute returns (1,)  or the shape of the sub-array.

The .base attribute returns the data-type object of the base-type, or a 
new reference to self, if the object has no base.type.

Thus, in current SVN

dtype['x'].base.name  would always give you what you want.


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