[Numpy-discussion] Extent of unicode types in numpy

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Tue Feb 7 10:22:25 EST 2006

Francesc, Travis,

Francesc Altet wrote:
> All in all, my opinion is that allowing the coexistence of different
> sizes of unicode types in numpy would be a receipt for disaster when
> one wants to transport unicode characters between platforms with
> python interpreters compiled with different unicode sizes.

I agree--it would be a nightmare.

> Anyway, I don't know if the recommendation of compiling Python with
> UCS4 is spread enough or not in the different distributions, but
> people can easily check this with:
> 4
> if the output of this is 4 (as in my example), then the interpreter is
> using UCS4; if it is 2, it is using UCS2.

No, it is not sufficiently widespread; Mandriva 2006 python is compiled 
for UCS2.


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