[Numpy-discussion] Matlab page on scipy wiki

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Thu Feb 9 06:39:11 EST 2006

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Bruce Southey apparently wrote: 
> The example of ndim to give the rank is not the same as the Matlab 
> function rank(a). See 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rank_of_a_matrix for definition of rank 
> that I would think that most people would use if they use Matlab 

Coming from GAUSS and having never studies tensors, I was 
also surprised by the 'rank' terminology.  I believe this is 
why Travis changed to ndim, which is less likely to confuse 
users coming from a linear algebra perspective.

Unfortunately the SciPy book currently uses the term 'rank' 
in the two conflicting ways.  (It uses 'rank' in the linear   
algebra sense only in the discussion of lstsq on p.145.)
It might be helpful for the tensor sense to always be 
qualified as 'tensor rank'?

Alan Isaac

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