[Numpy-discussion] numpy/scipy transition

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Wed Feb 15 05:25:04 EST 2006


concerning the transition from Numeric/scipy to the new numpy/scipy
I have a couple of points for which I would be very interested
in any advice/suggestions:

As some of you might know we are running a computational physics
course using python+Numeric+scipy+ipython.
In six weeks the course will be run again and
we are facing the question whether to switch to
numpy/scipy right now or to delay this for one more year.

Reasons to switch
+ numpy is better in several respects compared to Numeric
+ numpy/scipy installs more easily on newer machines
+ students will learn the most recent tools
+ extensive and alive documentation on www.scipy.org

Reasons not to switch
- there is no enthought edition yet (right?)
- there are only packages for a few platforms/distribution
- we need scipy.xplt
  (matplotlib is still no option at this point)


To us the two main show-stoppers are scipy.xplt and the question
about an Enthought Edition  for Windows.
For the Pool of PCs where the tutorial groups are to be held,
it won't be a problem to install numpy/scipy in such
a way that scipy.sandbox.xplt is visible as scipy.xplt
(at least I hope).
However, the students will either have windows (around 80%)
or Linux at home. For windows users we have used
the Enthought Edition (http://code.enthought.com/enthon/)
and linux users were pointed to
available packages for their machines or to install Numeric/scipy

Concerning xplt another option might be to
install scipy.sandbox.xplt in such a way
that a `import xplt` would work. If that is possible we could
try to supply `xplt` separately for some of the distributions,
and maybe also for windows (which I don't use, so I have
no idea how difficult that would be).
If something like this was possible, the main question is
whether a new enthon distribution with new numpy/scipy/ipython
and all the other niceties of mayavi/VTK/wxPython/....
will come out in the near future?

I would really love to use the new numpy/scipy - so any ideas
are very welcome!

Best, Arnd

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