[Numpy-discussion] numpy/scipy transition

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Feb 15 10:24:02 EST 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:

>Reasons not to switch
>- there is no enthought edition yet (right?)
>- there are only packages for a few platforms/distribution
>- we need scipy.xplt
>  (matplotlib is still no option at this point)
>To us the two main show-stoppers are scipy.xplt and the question
>about an Enthought Edition  for Windows.
>For the Pool of PCs where the tutorial groups are to be held,
>it won't be a problem to install numpy/scipy in such
>a way that scipy.sandbox.xplt is visible as scipy.xplt
>(at least I hope).
>However, the students will either have windows (around 80%)
>or Linux at home. For windows users we have used
>the Enthought Edition (http://code.enthought.com/enthon/)
>and linux users were pointed to
>available packages for their machines or to install Numeric/scipy
As long as there are binaries for all the packages.  Just having a list 
of Windows installers can also work.    Were you using all of what is in 
the Enthon edition?

>Concerning xplt another option might be to
>install scipy.sandbox.xplt in such a way
>that a `import xplt` would work. If that is possible we could
>try to supply `xplt` separately for some of the distributions,
>and maybe also for windows (which I don't use, so I have
>no idea how difficult that would be).
I don't think that would be hard at all.  You can just run python 
setup.py bdist_inst from within the sandbox/xplt directory and get a 
windows installer.  

>If something like this was possible, the main question is
>whether a new enthon distribution with new numpy/scipy/ipython
>and all the other niceties of mayavi/VTK/wxPython/....
>will come out in the near future?
I have no idea about that one.   But, it sounds like the guy (Joe) at 
Enthought who did most of the work on the Enthon distribution is no 
longer as available for them, so I'm not sure...


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