[Numpy-discussion] Re: number ranges (was Re: Matlab page on scipy wiki)

Bryan Cole bryan at cole.uklinux.net
Fri Feb 17 12:11:06 EST 2006

> First, I think the range() function in python is ugly to begin with.
> Why can't python just support range notation directly like 'for a in
> 0:10'.  Or with 0..10 or 0...10 syntax.  That seems to make a lot more
> sense to me than having to call a named function.   Anyway, that's a
> python pet peeve, and python's probably not going to change something
> so fundamental... 

There was a python PEP on this. It got rejected as having too many
'issues'. Pity, in my view.

see http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0204.html


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