[Numpy-discussion] Re: Some missing linalg things (wanted: LU decomposition)

Bill Baxter wbaxter at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 22:37:02 EST 2006

Upon further inspection I find that if I call 'from scipy import *' then
linalg.lu etc are defined.
But if I do anything else to import scipy like 'import scipy' or 'import
scipy as S' or 'from scipy import linalg', then lu, cg etc are not defined.

Why is that?

I can get at them without importing * by doing 'from scipy.linalg import
lu', but that's kind of odd to have to do that.


On 2/20/06, Bill Baxter <wbaxter at gmail.com> wrote:
> This url http://www.rexx.com/~dkuhlman/scipy_course_01.html<http://www.rexx.com/%7Edkuhlman/scipy_course_01.html>seems to keep turning up in my searches for numpy and scipy things,
> but many of the linalg operations it lists don't seem to exist in recent
> versions of numpy (or scipy).
> Some of them are:
> * norm
> * factorizations: lu, lu_factor, lu_solve, qr
> * iterative solvers: cg, cgs, gmres etc.
> Did these things used to exist in Numeric but they haven't been ported
> over?  Will they be re-introduced sometime?
> In the short term, the one I'm after right now is LU decompose and solve
> functionality.  Anyone have a numpy implementation?
> --Bill Baxter

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