[Numpy-discussion] system_info problem

Robert Cimrman cimrman3 at ntc.zcu.cz
Thu Feb 23 03:47:04 EST 2006


I am trying to (finally) move UMFPACK out of the sandbox to the scipy 
proper and so I need checking for its libraries via system_info.py of 
numpy distutils.

I have added a new section to site.cfg:

library_dirs = 
include_dirs = /home/share/software/packages/UMFPACK/UMFPACK/Include
umfpack_libs = umfpack, amd

the names of the libraries are libumfpack.a, libamd.a - they are 
correctly found in 'system_info._check_libs()' by 
'self._lib_list(lib_dir, libs, exts)', but then the function fails, 
since 'len(found_libs) == len(libs)' which is wrong. Can some 
numpy.distutils expert help me? Below is the new umfpack_info class I 
have written using the blas_info class as template.

yours clueless,

PS: I do this because I prefer having the umfpack installed separately. 
It will be used, if present, to replace the default superLU-based sparse 
solver. Moving its sources under scipy/Lib/sparse would solve this 
issue, but Tim Davis recently changed the license of UMFPACK to GPL, and 
so the last version available for the direct inclusion is 4.4. (4.6 is 
the current one). Opinions are of course welcome.

class umfpack_info(system_info):
     section = 'umfpack'
     dir_env_var = 'UMFPACK'
     _lib_names = ['umfpack', 'amd']
     includes = 'umfpack.h'
     notfounderror = UmfpackNotFoundError

     def calc_info(self):
         info = {}

         lib_dirs = self.get_lib_dirs()
         print lib_dirs
         umfpack_libs = self.get_libs('umfpack_libs', self._lib_names)
         print umfpack_libs
         for d in lib_dirs:
             libs = self.check_libs(d,umfpack_libs,[])
             print d, libs
             if libs is not None:

         include_dirs = self.get_include_dirs()
         print include_dirs
         h = (self.combine_paths(lib_dirs+include_dirs,includes) or 
         if h:
             h = os.path.dirname(h)

         print info


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