[Numpy-discussion] inconsistent use of axis= keyword argument?

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Thu Feb 23 15:54:02 EST 2006

Hi Vidar,
the pdf file appears to be broken. I get an error when I try to open it. 
Have you thought of a nice way to generate html from the xml source to 
incorporate this into the scipy website? I don't think it should be part 
of the wiki. We'd need a way of making the xml editable via a wiki 
interface and automatically generating multiple views or something.

Vidar Gundersen wrote:
> (i've been updating the cross reference of MATLAB synonymous
> commands in Numeric Python to NumPy. I've kept Numeric/numarray
> alternatives in the source XML, but omitted it in the PDF outputs.
> see, http://37mm.no/download/matlab-python-xref.pdf.
> feedback is highly appreciated.)

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