[Numpy-discussion] wiki page for record arrays

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Mon Feb 27 18:24:05 EST 2006

I fixed a small error.  I found myself a bit lost.  Are cookbook pages
supposed to be introductory, or are they aimed at users who already
know a fair bit?  From the page, I can vaguely get that record arrays
allow you access to your data using text strings as partial indexers,
but I found myself focusing so much on testing whether this was true
and figuring out how they work that I was completely distracted from
the example.  A paragraph or two at the top explaining what a record
array is, why it's useful, and what the basic properties are would be
good.  Then give the example.  Also, it's less than intuitive why you
are storing RGB values (usually thought of as integers in the range
0-255 or 0x00 - 0xff) in 32-bit floating-point numbers.


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