[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Python Enthought Edition Version 0.9.2 Released

Travis N. Vaught travis at enthought.com
Fri Feb 17 08:46:06 EST 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Feb 2006, Travis N. Vaught wrote:
>> Enthought is pleased to announce the release of Python Enthought Edition
>> Version 0.9.2 (http://code.enthought.com/enthon/) -- a python
>> distribution for Windows.  This is a kitchen-sink-included Python
>> distribution including the following packages/tools out of the box:
>> Numeric 24.2
>> SciPy 0.3.3
>> IPython 0.6.15
>> Enthought Tool Suite 1.0.2
>> wxPython
>> PIL 1.1.4
>> mingw 20030504-1
>> f2py 2.45.241_1926
>> MayaVi 1.5
>> Scientific Python 2.4.5
>> VTK 4.4
>> and many more...
> Brilliant - many thanks for the effort!
> I was just about to ask for the plans about numpy/scipy,
> but the changelog at
> http://code.enthought.com/release/changelog-enthon0.9.2.shtml
> shows quite a bit of activity in this direction!
> Do you have an estimate about when a numpy/scipy version
> of the Enthought Edition might happen?
> Many thanks,
> Arnd
It's a bit difficult to say with much accuracy, so I'll be transparent 
but imprecise.  Our release of Enthon versions typically tracks the 
state of the platform we are using for the custom software development 
we do to pay the bills.  Thus, our current project code typically has to 
be ported to build and run on a cobbled-together build of the newer 
versions before we do a release.  I realize this is a drag on the 
release schedule for Enthon, but it's how we allocate resources to the 

Enough excuses, though--we are working on the migration of our project 
code now (Pearu Peterson) and I expect in weeks (rather than months) 
we'll have an Enthon release candidate with Python 2.4.2, and the latest 
SciPy and NumPy on Windows.

Robert Kern is already working on a project that is based on this tool 
chain, so the wedge is in place.

Thanks for the interest! (and sorry for the cross-post)


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