[Numpy-discussion] Why I cannot import NumPy?

lefeil at email.arizona.edu lefeil at email.arizona.edu
Sun Jan 8 20:19:10 EST 2006

After installation, I cannot import NumPy.
I tried to run setup.py in the numpy directory. But the following error occurs:

IDLE 1.1.2
>>> ================================ RESTART ================================
Assuming default configuration (distutils\command/{setup_command,setup}.py was
not found)
Appending numpy.distutils.command configuration to numpy.distutils
Assuming default configuration (distutils\fcompiler/{setup_fcompiler,setup}.py
was not found)
Appending numpy.distutils.fcompiler configuration to numpy.distutils
Appending numpy.distutils configuration to numpy
Appending numpy.testing configuration to numpy
F2PY Version 2_1830
Appending numpy.f2py configuration to numpy

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\numpy\setup.py", line 27, in -toplevel-
  File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\numpy\setup.py", line 10, in configuration
  File "C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\numpy\distutils\misc_util.py", line 399,
in add_subpackage
    config = self.get_subpackage(subpackage_name,subpackage_path)
  File "C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\numpy\distutils\misc_util.py", line 389,
in get_subpackage
    config = setup_module.configuration(*args)
  File "C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\numpy\core\setup.py", line 19, in
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

Can someone tell me how to solve this problem? There is no directory names
code_generators in the code directory.



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