[Numpy-discussion] numpy vs numeric benchmarks

Filip Wasilewski filip at ftv.pl
Fri Jun 2 09:48:23 EDT 2006


It seems that in Numeric the matrixmultiply is alias for dot function,
which "uses the BLAS optimized routines where possible", as the help()

In NumPy (0.9.6, not upgraded yet to 0.9.8), the matrixmultiply is a
function of numpy.core.multiarray, while dot refers to

On my system the timings and results with numpy.dot are quite similar
to that with Numeric.matrixmultiply.

So the next question is what's the difference between matrixmultiply and
dot in NumPy?


> Hello! I've been using numeric for a while, and the recent list traffic
> prompted me to finally migrate all my old code. On a whim, we were
> benchmarking numpy vs numeric and have been lead to the conclusion that
> numpy is at least 50x slower; a 1000x1000 matmul takes 16 sec in numpy
> but 300 ms in numeric. 

> Now, of course, I don't believe this, but I can't figure out what we're
> doing wrong; I'm not the only person who has looked at this code, so can
> anyone tell me what we're doing wrong? 

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