[Numpy-discussion] rand argument question

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Fri Jun 2 15:34:08 EDT 2006

On Fri, 02 Jun 2006, Robert Kern apparently wrote: 
> Changing the API of rand() and randn() doesn't solve any 
> problem. Removing them might. 

I think this is too blunt an argument.  For example,
use of the old interface might issue a deprecation warning.
This would make it very likely that all new code use the new 

I would also be fine with demoting these to the Numeric 
compatability module, although I find that the inferior 
choice (since it means a loss of convenience).

Unless one of these changes is made, new users will 
**forever** be asking this same question.  And either way, 
making the sacrifices needed for greater consistency seems 
like a good idea *before* 1.0.


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