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> My suggestion would be to have both numpy.org and scipy.org be the
> exact same page, but make it extremely clear that there are two
> different projects on the front page.

> Cheers.
> Jon.

The goal of the web is to make information easy to find.  The easiest
and most successful way of doing that is to answer many needs in one
place, hence the existence of "portal" pages, which scipy.org bills
itself as.  The relationship between scipy and numpy is laid out in
its front page text.  With two (actually many more) packages
distributed separately, there will always be confused people, but
having one main site that tells the whole story and provides
comprehensive information will be the quickest way to deconfuse them.
Conversely, a plethora of pages is a poor marketing strategy, as we
have been learning with the zoo that's out there already.  My
suggestion is that all the other pages be automatic redirects to the
scipy.org page or subpages thereof.  I know that will probably make
some people feel their toes have been stepped on.  We could consider a
website name change to avoid that, but I hope we don't have to.

Unite and conquer...


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