[Numpy-discussion] Building shared libraries with numpy.distutils

Albert Strasheim fullung at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 06:02:56 EDT 2006

Hello all

For my Summer of Code project, I'm adding Support Vector Machine code to
SciPy. Underneath, I'm currently using libsvm. Thus far, I've been compiling
libsvm as a shared library (DLL on Windows) using SCons and doing the
wrapping with ctypes.

Now, I would like to integrate my code into the SciPy build. Unfortunately,
it doesn't seem as if numpy.distutils or distutils proper knows about
building shared libraries.

Building shared libraries across multiple platforms is tricky to say the
least so I don't know if implementing this functionality again is something
worth doing. The alternative -- never using shared libraries, doesn't seem
very appealing either.

Is anybody building shared libraries? Any code or comments?



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