[Numpy-discussion] Selecting columns of a matrix

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Thu Jun 22 07:19:05 EDT 2006

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 10:50:26 -0600
Travis Oliphant <oliphant.travis at ieee.org> wrote:

> So, in SVN NumPy, you will be able to do
> a[:,V>0]
> a[V>0,:] 
> The V>0 will be replaced with integer arrays as if nonzero(V>0) had been 
> called.

But just for the record, we should note how to
do the operation that this used to do, eg.

>>> a=numpy.array([1,2])
>>> a[[numpy.bool_(1)]]

This could be a way of, say, maping a large
boolean array onto some other values (1 or 2 in the
above case).

So, with the new implementation, is it possible to cast
the bool array to an integer type without incurring a copy overhead ?

And finally, is someone keeping track of the performance
of array getitem ? It seems that as travis overloads it more and
more it might then slow down in some cases.

I must admit my vision is blurring and head is spining as numpy 
goes through these growing pains. I hope it's over soon. Not
because I have trouble keeping up (although i do) but it's
my matlab/R/numarray entrenched co-workers who cannot
be exposed to this unstable development (they will run
screaming to the woods).



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