[Numpy-discussion] Free SciPy 2006 porting service

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 12:09:02 EDT 2006

r.demaria at tiscali.it wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe is not what you meant, but presently I'm looking for a sparse 
> eigenvalue solver. As far as I've understood the ARPACK bindings are 
> still missing. This library is one of the most used, so I think it 
> would be very useful to have integrated in numpy.

No, that isn't what he meant. He wants to help projects that are currently using
Numeric and numarray convert to numpy.

In any case, ARPACK certainly won't go into numpy. It might go into scipy if you
are willing to contribute wrappers for it.

Robert Kern

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