[Numpy-discussion] Array interface updated to Version 3

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Fri Jun 16 21:10:49 EDT 2006

I noticed in your note labeled 'June 16, 2006' that you refer to the 
"desc" field. However, in the struct description above, there is only a 
field named "descr".

Also, I suggest that you update the information in the comments of descr 
field of the structure description to contain the fact that inter.descr 
is a reference to a tuple equal to ("PyArrayInterface Version 
#",new_tuple_with_array_interface). What is currently there seems out of 
date given the new information. Finally, in the comment  section 
describing this field, I strongly suggesting noting that this field is 
only present *if and only if* the ARR_HAS_DESCR flag is present. It will 
be more clear if it's there rather than in the text underneath.

Is the "#" in the string meant to be replaced with "3"? If so, why not 
write 3? Also, in your note, you should explain whether "dummy" (renamed 
from "version") should still be checked as a sanity check or whether it 
should now be ignored. I think we could call the field "two" and keep 
the sanity check for backwards compatibility. I agree it is confusing to 
have two different version numbers in the same struct, so I don't mind 
having the official name of the field being something other than 
"version", but if we keep it as a required sanity check (in which case 
it probably shouldn't be named "dummy"), the whole thing will remain 
backwards compatible with all current code.

Anyhow, I'm very excited about this array interface, and I await the 
outcome of the Summer of Code project on the 'micro-array' 
implementation based on it!


Travis Oliphant wrote:

>I just updated the array interface page to emphasize we now have version 
>3.  NumPy still supports  objects that expose (the C-side) of version 2 
>of the array interface, though. 
>The new interface is basically the same except (mostly) for asthetics:  
>The differences are listed at the bottom of
>There is talk of ctypes supporting the new interface which is a worthy 
>development.  Please encourage that if you can.
>Please voice concerns now if you have any.
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