[Numpy-discussion] updated Ubuntu Dapper packages for numpy, matplotlib, and scipy online

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Tue Jun 20 01:08:59 EDT 2006

David Cournapeau wrote:

> That's great. Last week, I sended several messages to the list 
> regarding your messages about debian packages for numpy, but it looks 
> they were lost somewhere....
> Right now, I use the experimental package of debian + svn sources for 
> numpy, and it works well. Is your approach based on this work, or is 
> it totally different (on debian/ubuntu, packaging numpy + atlas should 
> be easy, as the atlas+lapack library is compiled such as to be complete),
> David

Hi David,

I did get your email last week (sorry for not replying sooner).

I'm actually using my own tool "stdeb" to build these at the moment -- 
the 'official' package in experimental is surely better than mine, and I 
will probably switch to it over stdeb sooner or later...


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