[Numpy-discussion] Help for Windows Python, numpy and f2py

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Tue Jun 20 12:32:41 EDT 2006

A Dimarts 20 Juny 2006 18:17, George Christianson va escriure:
> Good morning,

Thank you, but here the sun is about to set ;-)

> 	I used the Windows installer to install Python 2.4.3 on a late-model Dell
> PC running XP Pro.  Then I installed numpy-0.9.8 and scipy-0.4.9, also from
> the Windows installers.  Now I am trying to build a dll file for a Fortran
> 77  file and previously-generated (Linux) pyf file.  I installed MinGW from
> the MinGW 5.0.2 Windows installer, and modified my Windows path to put the
> MinGW directory before a pre-existing Cygwin installation.  However, both a
> setup.py file and running the C:\python2.4.3\Scripts\f2py.py file in the
> Windows command line fail with the message that the .NET Framework SDK has
> to be initialized or that the msvccompiler cannot be found.
> 	Any advice on what I'm missing would be much appreciated!  Here is the
> message I get trying to run f2py:

Mmm, perhaps you can try with putting:


in your local distutils.cfg (see 


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