[Numpy-discussion] reading 10 bit raw data into an array

Danny Chan chan_dhf at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 1 13:38:44 EDT 2007

> Quick comment :  are you really sure your  camera produces the 12 bit
> data in a "12 bit stream" --- all I have ever seen is that cameras
> would just use 16 bit for each pixel.  (All you had to know if it uses
> the left or the right part of those.  In other words, you might have
> to divide (or use  bit shifting) the data by 16.)
> Wasteful yes, but much simpler to handel !?

10 bit, but yes, I am sure. It is an embedded camera system, in fact, I get 
the data stream even before it is handled to any ISP for further processing 
of the picture. In the end, the ISP will convert the data stream to another 
format, but I have to simulate some of the algorithms that will be 
implemented in hardware.

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