[Numpy-discussion] numpy arrays, data allocation and SIMD alignement

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 09:38:36 EDT 2007


>    Following an ongoing discussion with S. Johnson, one of the developer
> of fftw3, I would be interested in what people think about adding
> infrastructure in numpy related to SIMD alignement (that is 16 bytes
> alignement for SSE/ALTIVEC, I don't know anything about other archs).
> The problem is that right now, it is difficult to get information for
> alignement in numpy (by alignement here, I mean something different than
> what is normally meant in numpy context; whether, in my understanding,
> NPY_ALIGNED refers to a pointer which is aligned wrt his type, here, I
> am talking about arbitrary alignement).

Excellent idea if practical...


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