[Numpy-discussion] multinomial error?

adam.powell at ucl.ac.uk adam.powell at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Aug 3 07:50:04 EDT 2007


I appear to be having a problem with the random.multinomial function. For some
reason if i attempt to loop over a large number of single-trial multinomial
picks then the function begins to ignore some non-zero entries in my 1-D array
of multinomial probabilities... Is seems that there is no upper limit on the
size of the probability array for a one off multinomial pick, but if looping
over the process multiple times the function can't handle the whole array and
seems to truncate it arbitrarily before performing the trial with only the
remaining probabilities.

There is a reason why i need to loop over a large number of single-trial events,
rather than just replacing the loop with a large number of trials in one single
multinomial pick (annoying, as that's so much quicker!).

Thanks for any help,


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