[Numpy-discussion] fast putmask implementation

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Thu Aug 16 15:20:41 EDT 2007

In looking at maskedarray performance, I found that the filled() 
function or method is a bottleneck.  I think it can be sped up by using 
putmask instead of indexed assignment, but I found that putmask itself 
is slower than it needs to be.  So I followed David Cournapeau's example 
of fastclip and made a similar fastputmask.  The diff relative to 
current svn (3967) is attached.

The faster version makes a factor-of-ten or larger improvement in 
putmask speed.  numpy.test() still passes.

With 10000-element integer arrays the new version reduces the times from 
136 to 15 usec for 1000 masked elements, and 445 to 18 usec for 5000 
masked elements, with a scalar value argument.  It is only slightly 
slower with an array value argument.  (Times are for Intel Core2, 2 GH, 

I hope someone will take a look and either tell me what I need to fix or 
commit it as-is.


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