[Numpy-discussion] linear algebra error?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 13:03:51 EDT 2007

F Bitonti wrote:

> However, I was told that the reason I am getting this error is because
> the linear algebra module is already installed

 The more proximate reasonThat's not the reason why you are getting the error,
it's just that you don't need to and shouldn't try to execute that setup.py
since it's already installed. that you are getting that particular traceback is
because you don't have a compiler installed. However, that's not relevant here
since numpy.linalg is already installed.

> yet it dosn't seem to be
> becaues when I exectue the following commands i get these error
> messages. Am I doing someting wrong I have only been using python two days.
>>>> from numpy import *
>>>> from linalg import *

  from numpy.linalg import *

Or preferably:

  from numpy import linalg

Robert Kern

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