[Numpy-discussion] help! not using lapack

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 16:12:30 EDT 2007

Mathew Yeates wrote:
> Hi
> When I try
> import numpy
> id(numpy.dot) == id(numpy.core.multiarray.dot)
> I get True. But I have liblapck.a installed in ~/lib and I put the lines
> library_dirs = /home/myeates/lib
> include_dirs = /home/myeates/include
> in site.cfg
> In fact, when I build and run a sytem trace I see that liblapack.a is 
> being accessed.
> Any ideas?

It is possible that you have a linking problem with _dotblas.so. On some
systems, such a problem will only manifest itself at run-time, not build-time.
At runtime, you will get an ImportError, which we catch because that's also the
error one gets if the _dotblas is legitimately absent.

Try importing _dotblas by itself to see the error message.

In [8]: from numpy.core import _dotblas

Most likely you are missing the appropriate libblas, too, since you don't
mention it.

Robert Kern

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