[Numpy-discussion] subclassing float64 (and friends)

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Wed Jan 3 18:12:40 EST 2007

Thanks for the update.  For now, I'll try doing what I need to by 
sub-classing float.  But, I'm gonna miss __array_finalize__ :-).


Travis Oliphant wrote:
> eric jones wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I am playing around with sub-classing the new-fangled float64 objects 
>> and friends.  I really like the new ndarray subclassing features 
>> (__array_finalize__, etc.), and was exploring whether or not the scalars 
>> worked the same way.  I've stubbed my toe right out of the blocks 
>> though.  I can sub-class from standard python floats just fine, but when 
>> I try to do the same from float64, I get a traceback. (examples below)  
>> Anyone have ideas on how to do this correctly?
> Unfortunately, the array scalars were not originally designed to be 
> sub-classed.   I believe I later set the flag saying they "could be" 
> sub-classable.  However, I did not alter the tp_new code to actually use 
> the type information passed in as the first argument to actually create 
> an instance of the sub-class --- effectively making the array scalars 
> *not* sub-classable.
> Thus, the _arrtype_new code would need to be changed in 
> scalartypes.inc.src to fix this.   Notice that in Python the float_new 
> command does a special check for when a sub-type is requested and calls 
> float_subtype_new which creates a regular float and then copies the data 
> over to the sub-type.  
> This special-check is not done in the tp_new function 
> (<name>_arrtype_new) and so float64.__new__ will *always* return the 
> array scalars are still not sub-classable (except for the void 
> scalar).   This could be changed, and needs to happen before 
> sub-classing of array scalars will work.
> -Travis
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